Outside Resource Links

These are some helpful links to other resources.

  1. Dialogika is an online library that provides a comprehensive cyber-archive of official statements, historical documents, educational resources, and current information on Christian-Jewish relations. It is available courtesy of three USA institutions: Boston College’s Center for Chritsian-Jewish Learning and the Institute for Jewish-Catholic Relations at Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia, and the Council of Centers on Jewish-Christian Relations (CCJR).

  2. The document “Problematical Christian Hymns” emerged out of conversation amongst Christian members of the Australian Council of Christians and Jews. They recognised that there are many songs and hymns sung in Christian worship that are anti-Semitic, derogatory of the Pharisees or, more often than not, supercessionist (that is, Christianity now supersedes Judaism which becomes irrelevant to Christian Faith). The document has been welcomed nationally and internationally.